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Tibbo Product Information

Product Line: Controllers


Tibbo Project System

Custom Tibbo Project Systems (TPS)
additionally carry Tibbits as defined by the specification.
Create your own system with our online configurator!

Barebone Tibbo Project Systems (TPS)
include a Tibbo Project Box and a Tibbo Project PCB,
but Tibbits must be ordered separately

Tibbo Project PCBs (TPP)
are "motherboards" with CPU, Ethernet, and
sockets for Tibbit modules and connectors

Tibbit Modules and Connectors
implement useful I/O functions. Install them on Tibbo
Project PCBs (TPPs) or standard proto boards

Tibbo Project Box (TPB) kits
are sets of housing parts. Here you will also find retail packaging, vibration protection, and DIN rail kits

Parts and Accessories section
is where you can order most parts separately,
down to the last screw or rubber pad